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Alfa Romeo P3 at Pebble Beach

Alfa Romeo was featured at the 1985 Monterey Historic Automobile Races (MHAR) held at Laguna Seca. My intention was to spend the weekend at the track photographing the historic cars, but when I arrived on Thursday I read that all 6 Bugatti Royales would be displayed at the Pebble Beach Concours on Sunday.

I decided to spend Sunday morning at the concours to see the Bugattis. As Alfa Romeo was the MHAR featured marque, a select group of Alfas were selected for display at Pebble Beach.  I arrived early and while walking to the Pebble Beach Lodge I cut though the old polo fields. The Alfa Romeo P3 was sitting at the edge of the polo fields. The setting without barriers, signs or people could have been set in any era.

I had seconds to get the Nikon FM out and capture a Kodachrome image. Within second of taking the shot there were people around and cars on the street in the background.

The original image of Alfa Romeo P3 at Pebble Beach was a Kodachrome 64 slide. I had the slide drum scanned to convert to a digital file.

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