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Catching Up

It has been a while since the Blog has been updated. So … more than a little has been going during the last 3 years!!! Starting in February 2021 I was recruited by Cameron Healy to take on the editor role for a book on the history of Porsche 356/2 SL 063. The car is the first car that the Porsche factory raced at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1951. To say it was an amazing journey would be an understatement. I spent 18 months working with an incredible selection of authors including, Doug Nye, Randy Leffingwell, Sean Cridland, William Edgar, Gary Horstkorta, Chris Greenwood, and Rod Emory. In addition to the authors, we had the support of the Porsche Corporate Archive. Dalton Watson produced a stunning book, 46: The Birth of Porsche Motorsport, that was introduced at the 2023 Retromobile show.


Estonia Ruf, Tony Hatter, Alois Ruf, Andy Prill - 2023 Retromobile

SL 063 was shipped to Europe to take part in the Le Mans 100th and Porsche’s 75th anniversary celebration. My son and I were able to join Healy and retrace the route that Porsche took in 1951 with SL 063 from Zuffenhausen to the garage at Rue du 8 Mai in Teloché, France.

As with so many things, the decade know AKA 2020 of Covid and lack of historic races meant the end of my business, Historic Motor Prints and my partnership with Dennis Gray. Although we remain friends and photograph together, we have established separate business. With so much of my time dedicated to producing 46, I have had limited time for photography. That said, I updated to the mirrorless Nikon Z9 series and continue to attend events. And so, I have combined my contemporary historic racing photography into the Bill Wagenblatt Photography site.

As I have discovered the book publishing business, I decided to add custom books to my product offering. These books are unique and focus on a specific car or collection. All are custom designed and produced.

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